Missy was saying today that I just need to be more stubborn than the ring I am working on.  I used to think I was fairly stubborn.  Now I am not so sure……

I did finally have some success.  I got the three rings in working order and then I got 4 stones finally set in one of them.  It isn’t drop dead gorgeous just yet, as you can see from the pictures.  Some of the stones are not level.  Some of them are at a different height than the others.  But I made progress in the right direction.  Just more practice, like always.  I finally abandoned the technique of setting the stone on top of the channels prior to popping it in with a set of tweezers.  I can’t seem to get a stone to cooperate that way.  I have been using my god-given fingers for the task. 

I did managed to badly damage one the stones in the process of trying to snap it in place.  Live and Learn, I suppose…..

I also threw out my old pickle and scrubed the pot down very thoroughly.  Apparently some iron had gotten in there despite my best efforts to avoid that.  That is why the pieces kept coming out looking even worse then when they went in.  Pickle is supposed to help clean the metal, not make it ugly.  After I mixed new pickle up, it worked A LOT better…..