I spent Wednesday of last week trying to fill in the errant cut-outs I had made in the two fubar’ed rings.  I was mostly successful although there are a few spots that gave me a strong impulse to start throwing things at other things….not a good thing.  My Rio order came around lunch time.  Since I wasn’t sure when my parents were getting here, I stuck around the shop.  I spent part of the afternoon trying out the polishing pins that I ordered.  They work pretty well.  I decided to see how sticking them in the collet directly would work…..turns out they have a special, purpose built collet for a reason.  Sharpening them is kind of a chore and it is required frequently, but I guess that comes with the territory.  The shells I cast are looking better.  They are all plagued by silver bubbles that defied the de-bubble-izer.  That is very annoying.  I shall have to be more careful next time. 

I have learned MUCH from this little episode.  Getting the waxes right before casting is probably the most significant lesson.  I must do better about that the next go around no matter how long it takes.  It takes INFINITLEY longer to correct a mistake in metal than it does in wax…..word to the wise…..

I am posting 3 time today because I have so many pictures that I want to share and it seems a little wrong to put them all in one post……