I spent the whole morning trying to coax a 4 mm square of tool steel to do what I want.  It didn’t go that well.  I finally managed to to get the triangle raised off the background.  I initially tried to bright cut the background.  In copper or some other non-ferrous metal, that wouldn’t have been such a problem.  4140 is considerably more stubborn.  Richard suggested I use a small round burr to get the “larger” parts to where I wanted.  That worked reasonably well.  I then started using a cone diamond burr to get more precise around the triangle.  I managed to snap the burr completely off its shaft.  Luckily there are “jury-rigged” tools I can use that broken shaft for.  But still….it made me unhappy, to say the least.  I spent some time trying to carve around the reverse 5 inside the triangle.  THAT was an un-mitigated disaster.  You can see in the pictures that the area inside the triangle doesn’t look ANYTHING like a reverse 5.  I decided to put that project aside till monday.  I feel like I don’t have the proper set up to do this right.  I may just break down and pay Rio Grande whatever it takes for them to fashion a makers mark stamp for me.  I already have a day’s work in this one and it looks terrible as of right now.  I spent the rest of the afternoon working on cleaning up the silver items that I cast.  That is coming along OK.  I am about to order some 2 mm and 3 mm polishing pins that can be shaped into needles, essentially.  That will help in cleaning up pieces with lots of tiny nooks and crannies. 

I am giving some thought to a quick change hand piece for my flex shaft, given how much time I spend switching between different bits and burrs and the like.  I can’t afford one right this second, but maybe later on. 

Bob came in and was complaining about the electricity being messed up back in the forge.  Bill went back there and after a little investigating, he discovered that a squirrel had been monkeying around on the pole that feeds 3 phase power (44o) to the building and the squirrel electrocuted itself.  I included a couple of pics of that.  I have to wonder if it was the same squirrel that wondered into the shop last night……