I spent the morning cutting off sprues from castings that I did.  The ring in flask 3 (the one that DIDN’T cooperate) that I thought was salvagable broke in half on me.  I am going to practice my soldering skills on it though.  I now have over 2 oz’s of silver scrap ready to be used in another casting (or whatever presents itself….).  I decide it was high time that I make a stamp with my maker’s mark on it. 

That, as it turns out, has proved to be a giant PIMA.  I got through the blacksmithing part OK.  You can see in the pictures how I had to hammer a crook in the straight shaft in order to let it fit around a ring.  I had wanted to get Glenn to video me doing that and he suggested a trial run.  I decided after the “trial” run was finished that I was going to use that as the real thing.  Engraving a triangle and a backwards number 5 THAT small into tool steel is proving to be quite difficult.  I am sure I will get better with practice……I almost always do…..

I tried engraving with the microscope but that just doesn’t work for me.  It sits up to high and I don’t have anything to rest my arms on.  I don’t see how anyone does it that way.  I eventually just set the engraving ball back up like I would for any other engraving project at my bench.

Missy brought a video that she shot at her birthday party.  I am uploading that to my youtube and I will include a link to it.  It is quite hilarious.  They took a washer that was basically dead anyway and rigged a motor on top that actually ran it faster than normal and hardwired an electrical connection to it.  Then they put a bowling ball and gasoline soaked rags inside and switched it on…….

Missy also let us watch her do a gold resizing job on a ring that really wasn’t worth a whole lot of trouble.  She held the ring in her fingers while she put the torch on it.  This allowed her to perceive when the ring was getting too hot.  That was particularly important in this case because there was an opal involved and opals DO NOT LIKE drastic changes in temperature. 

I am going to order some fine point polishing burrs for the detail work that I need to be able to do effectively.  Hopefully I will get those order tomorrow….

Death of a Whirlpool video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKBL7kXUN3w

Downsizing, Missy style: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ownjsViJNOs

I included a couple of pics of silver scrap that Pete brought in.  He had a bit more than me: 6 troy pounds worth.  He also had a couple of pounds of gold-filled stuff which is mostly worthless.  The actual gold content is about .05.  I imagine the yield from the refiner will be a couple of ounces at most (I’m not sure exactly how much of that stuff he had…..).