Well, I guess 2 and 10/17’s out of 3 is better than 2 out of 3 (technically).  My first two flasks went just fine.  The third….NOT SO MUCH.  I didn’t have a blow out, but some of the metal (Missy estimated about half an ounce worth…) went places it WAS NOT SUPPOSED to go.  On the outside of the flask, into the splash guard…..so on and so forth.  I am definitely chocking that up in the “learning experience” column.  Missy said that overall, I did pretty well.  The whole set up is old and in need of some TLC.  She said there are any number of reasons NOT including user error (which would be MY first thought).  She said I did everything right and I do feel more comfortable with the whole process than the first time.  It’s definitely not a total loss.  3 of the 5 rings in the 3rd flask are useable.  I am including pictures of the silver that went all over everywhere.  I have about a quarter ounce or so of scrap to add to my growing collection.

I sifted through the quenching pot for a while and any silver that was left was too small for me to discern.  I am gonna try to keep from using the tall flasks untill the casting set up gets a revamp…..