That’s right…..we finally have acetone back in the shop.  I can do that engraved ring that I have put off for weeks now.  Bill gave a demo on kerf cutting that I had seen before but he added kerf-cut inlay to the mix.  I am looking forward to trying my hand at that.  You basically do two kerf cut-outs on two different materials and then you place one of the cut-outs in the stock of the other and VIOLA…..relatively easy inlay……

I spent most of the rest of the morning getting my waxes set up to cast.  Hopefully that will happen tomorrow.  I will definitely have time to get them invested this afternoon and then burn them out overnight…..

I did finally go ahead and dismember the silver bowl that I bought from John and I took four pieces that are just a little more than what I need for the casting. 

Missy  made a new bank bag (or decorated the old one….not sure which) with a subtle message to the bank.  I thought that was photo worthy…..

Oh and my colored CZ’s got here today…..I am looking forward to putting them to use…..


I got all three of the flasks set up and invested this afternoon.  I had a problem with the second one on the first go around.  The investment starts setting up when you add water and I took to long getting it stirred up.  But round two went fine.  Missy and I are going to get the burn out started first thing tomorrow morning.  This is yet another thing I need to practice more….and more and more……at least I have some silver to devote to that task……