I went to a swap meet in Jefferson today.  The place was HUGE and there were, lets see…..approximately 38 JILLION people there.  My primary mission was to find knurlers for me.  Which I did and I was fortunate enough to find a well built piece that has a rotating head and 3 different grades of knurling on the same instrument.  FOR UNDER $40!!!!!…… That made me very happy.  I also got some cross-locks for cheap and some mini-clamps for when I need to saw metal.  I also got a set of star bits for my drill and a pair of wire strippers. 

We had the “Hanging the Gold Charm” ceremony last night.  Some guy made it for Bill back in the 80’s and he hangs it where he works for good luck and good business.  By about 9 PM I had experienced all the merriment I could stand (lots of people I don’t know getting VERY, VERY drunk…..). 

When I went home after school last night, I found a box at my door.  My parents sent me a working foreman grill!!!!!…..I am ecstatic to have that appliance back in business!!!…..Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!!