Yesterday we went up to Madison after lunch to the HAMA forge.  I had never been before and it was really neat.  Missy had a brass pour to do and she invited us students to come watch.  They are doing brass hinges for a customer and they had to melt some brass and pour it in molds.  I taped roughly half an hour’s worth of footage which I am going edit into probably 3 videos and post it on my youtube account.  I will put a link further down to that.  I had met Aaron before but I had never got a chance to really talk “shop” with him.  A lot of yesterday was spent waiting around for things to happen so I had ample opportunity to chat with him.  I am very much looking forward to the “serious” blacksmithing component.  He has promised to school me in the intricacies of damascus.  He was pretty excited about the idea of making fancy lightsaber hilts.  I am going to email him some of my designs so he can give me his professional opinion. 

We also went by an art store near the UW campus and I got some mission-specific drawing pencils.  I also bought a LARGE (14 x 11) sketch pad so I can draw hilts life size upon it.  I have got a bunch of new and improved designs that I need to get on paper (be it digital or physical…). 

I also got to hook up with my Aunt Nancy and her son Cory on Saturday up in Madison.  We walked around the farmers market and had some lunch.  It was good to see them.

Here’s the link to my youtube: