I have been struggling today.  The addiction I am trying to overcome apparently runs far deeper than I thought.  I did have a filet of perch and some broccoli for lunch today with a glass of OJ.  But I must admit that I have been grumpy and even short tempered despite my best efforts to not allow this lifestyle change to affect my interactions with others. 

I have been frustrated at the bench too.  I was going to start to try engraving one of my rings.  I drew on it with a sharpie pen and the ink promptly rubbed right off.  Richard told me to put China White (a type of watercolor paste) on there to prevent that.  I drew on the ring again and apparently the CW and the sharpie didn’t agree with one another and the sharpie (which was brand new AND someone elses) was ruined; it completely stopped writing…….not sure what to do about that…..

I also spent some time trying to master the delicate art of soldering a jump ring to a regular ring.  After like 5 tries, I finally managed to get one to do right (for the most part) without being melted out of shape.  I included a picture of what used to be a jump ring but is now just a little fugly ball of silver and silver solder.  My torch is not the same as the one I had before so I am also simultaneously trying to get use to it as well.  This has been one of those days that just didn’t go right.  But it is OK…..it will be better tomorrow……

Bill felt compelled for some reason to make a handle out of a golf ball for my flex shaft chuck key.  I made a couple of pictures of that process.  Richard has an ear infection so I guess he is kind of commiserating this experience with me.  The new girl (Sherry) started on the tool from Hell today.  Better her than me…….