….of Diet Mountain Dew….I am trying to give it up, along with wheat and peanut butter…….I have been feeling rather grumpy and irritable as a result.  Hopefully that will pass………I bought some fish at the farmers market and I have been doing fish and veggies (broccoli and peas….) for dinner the last few nights.  I actually need to go to the grocery tonight and augment my stores……

Missy educated me on the millgrainer today.  I am getting the hang of it fairly quickly I think.  It is obvious that I need to prep carefully the next time.  The rim that you burnish down needs to be of uniform thickness all the way around.  You can see in some of the pics how the groove I sawed is off.  But this is just practice so I am going with it.  I may take one of my silver bands and just do some practice runs on it.  The idea is to have a bunch of tiny balls in a straight line.  I may need to adjust the millgrainer handle too.  It feels too long to be effective. 

I had another idea that I am going to try out at some point which is doing a ring with cut-out scroll work.  Missy said I would need to do that flat and then put it round after I am done with all the engraving and out-cutting.  I have a couple of blank rings that I may try some engraving on…..


I did surgery on the millgrain tool and that made a ton of difference in my ability to adequately control it.  Unfortunately, the steel was softer than graver steel and it bent (as you can see in the seconda set of pictures….).  I tried to capture some “action shots” with the Millgrainer.  I wasn’t as successful in that as I would have liked, but, I did the best I could…..