We have got almost everything moved now except the office.  The new location is a little tight but we are getting things set up.  Our new students are going to be here in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully, the school will be back in working order by then.  I am uploading a bunch of pictures of the progress that has been made.  I spent a couple of days getting my bench set up.  It has been a challenge to incoporate 2 benches worth of stuff onto 1 bench, but I managed.  I also got a second lamp, so I have “stereo lighting”.  Since the new space has less ambient light, I definitely need to have two lights. 

My next project is gonna be setting stones on a curve.  I have several silver rings that are unfinished that I can set some stones on.  I also have a short piece of brass tubing that is approximately hilt width and I am gonna practice a bit on that too.  The weather has cooled off significantly here.  It’s very nice to have 65 degrees and no humidity…..