The close-in matrix is REALLY CLOSE.  But I am getting the hang of that too.  Yesterday I discovered that one of the stones I was trying to set was not perfectly circular.  That was a giant pain trying to get the seat cut right.  That is the stone with the overly large table.  I don’t know if these CZ’s are machine cut, and most of them have been very close to being ALL the SAME size.  I managed to get it set though.  One of the ones I did today was a hair loose, but I was careful and I got THAT one set correctly too.  So I am definitely making progress in the right direction. 

We have had people looking at the building often now.  Bill dropped the price a bit, from what I understand and potential buyers have started to come out of the wood-work.

Glenn is ordering some Mother of Pearl stock and he is gonna do some inlay work on a Uke neck.  He said he would be happy to teach how.  That is quite awesome.  I am looking forward to it.  I hear another trip to the forge for some Damascus “fun” is in the works too…….