I have spent most of today doing the same thing I have done for the last week…..shouting profanity at CZ’s and copper….oh, and gravers…..and my flex shaft……and also my beading tool…….and  St. Ruprecht,  the Patron Saint of Retards………

In my practice matrix, I got all but 2 stones set well.  And then Murphy decided that he had picked on others (including Bill) enough and choose to visit my bench in vile, repugnant form.  My graver had gone dull enough to be dull enough and I managed to mess up one of the holes beyond repair.  The last hole I managed to make to deep.  I tried pushing beads over anyway and that didn’t work out very well.  I included a picture of part of a bead that went places it wasn’t supposed to.  It’s about half a millimeter in diamter.  That is a 3 mm CZ in the picture for comparison. 

So I began laying out another 3 by 3.  The graded project requires only a tenth of a millimeter between stones, so I am trying to be as precise as possible.  I thought I had the layout perfect.  I drilled pilot holes through the marks I made with a scribe.  And low and behold, the holes are OFF!!!!!!…….  I feel like I am having some kind of passive-aggressive argument with my tools.  And THEY seem to be winning…….(takes deep breath……)

Education through Failure is in full effect…..