I worked on some other odds and ends on Friday.  I had gotten VERY frustrated with the setting project.  I started working on a extra-curricular project related to the twisting motif that I like so much.  That involves taking 4 pieces of thick copper wire and fusing the ends into a solid mass.  Then I will twist them and then (hopefully) spread them open by putting one end in a vise and tapping (just TAP it in…..Tap, Tap, Tappy…..) the other end.  We will see how that goes.  I am definitely gonna want some supervision on that one. 

I got back on the bead setting bit this morning.  I started on a practice matrix that is 3×3, but close together.  You might think that aligning holes nice and pretty would be simple.  And you would be VERY VERY wrong!…..Try as I might I can’t seem to get the pilot holes drilled in perfect alignment.  I am sure this is one more thing that is just about practice.  The setting part has gone better after having put it down for a day or so.  One of the stones did get a little off-canter.  But the beading part is definitely coming along.  I included a picture of myself with the Crazy-Eyed Raving Lunatic Apprentice expression on my face, which I wore quite a bit LAST week. 

On an entirely different note, I re-Uncle’ed this weekend.  My brother Micah and his wife Miranda welcomed their 2nd son Henry Brown Bennett, into the world on Saturday.