I actually went and had something resembling a life this weekend.  On Saturday, Angie and I went down to Janesville.  They have a small farmers market and I picked up some cucumbers and some tomatoes.  Oh and some bison burgers, which were quite tasty.  She took me to Farm and Fleet, which is a store I had never been in.  Its basically a ‘walmart’ aimed at farmers and the like.  I found a new pair of shoes.  They are kind of  boot-like but low-top.  I like them a lot.  She also took me to a used music store.  I got some new-to-me music and DVD’s for VERY cheap. 

On Sunday, Monna and I went to the Renne Faire outside of Kenosha.  The fair itself was good.  I had never been to one.  It made me feel better about being a giant star wars nerd.  There are plenty of people of are just as big of a dork as I am.  I didn’t have any disposable income to, well, dispose of.  But still, it was a good time.  The driving in the car with a neurotic, fraidy-cat at the wheel part was NOT so great.  I don’t think I am ever getting in a vehicle with her again.  So it goes.

I have spent the morning working more on the bead setting practice plate.  Missy said that the holes are actually in decent shape and that I should just go ahead and begin setting stones in them.  I have done 4 so far.  One of them got VERY uncooperative.  But the other three are OK.  I just have to remember to dig deep into the metal (carefully) and then push the bead well over the top of the girdle.  But I am on the right track.  Missy said she has seen plenty of first tries that were far worse.  I will take that as a good thing.  I am pondering whether I should buy some colored CZ’s on my own to start working out color combos that I like for later on.