Missy was kind enough to point out to me today that I should NOT under ANY circumstances, put my fingers in the ultrasonic.  She said that the sound waves could actually break my bones if given a long enough time.  So I am gonna try to AVOID that little scenario……but I digress….or regress or something….

I have spent the last week dividing my time between getting my molds cast-worthy, and getting my drivers license……you read correctly….I am now a legally licensed driver again.  Woo Hoo!!!!  I love the fact that the photo makes me look like a convicted felon……SIGH……

I have several molds that I shot from samples at school plus the two of my own.  Missy and I are gonna be spruing them up and getting them ready this afternoon.  We also did a re-do of the steam casting thing which went better with sterling the second go around instead of fine.  I included some of the pictures of that work-up.  I got to watch Bill work on the sprue systems for both of the lion head projects.  We steam cast one in sterling and melted down the fine example and centrifugally cast another example of the same mold.  I also did a little sharpening on the knife, but I didn’t want to spend too much time on that.  I am going to visit the Homestead during the middle of July and I would like to have some stuff to take home to show people. 

The Acetylene/Oxygen torches in the back sometimes get carbon built up around the tip and they start making wierd noises.  That happened to someone else today and Missy called them (the makers of the wierd noises) “Torch Boogers”, which I thought was quite hilarious.  And then, Glenn made a comment about his Injun Nayshun ID card and Angela commented that she should be considered a Chunky Hoe (Glenn is, ethnically speaking, a Ho-Chunk Indian).  I thought that was pretty funny too…..

The last week or so has been going difficult-ly (not a word, I know….).  Seems like when it rains road-blocks, it really pours them on…..