The silver ring that vexed me so much a couple of weeks ago is finally in one piece.  It is still a 10.5 and there it shall stay because I am tired of trying to size it up and having it bust on me.  At some point in the near future, I am gonna do the file work upon it, but Missy suggested that I start learning wax carving/shaping/lathing.  So that is what I have spent most of the day doing.  I am doing a file ring that WILL FIT MY FINGER!!!!  Wax, as it turns out, is a lot more forgiving and easy to work with.  Missy gave me a chunck to put on the lathe and make a ring blank that way.  They actually sell ring blank wax and some point I will start with that, but she wanted me to have an educational moment with this process.  So I made the blank and sized it to where I want it.  That took quite a bit less time to accomplish this go around.  I also made the saw cuts and began filing.  And, wouldn’t you know it, the ring busts.  Luckily it is a LOT easier to fix wax then metal.  I will do that in the morning.  I will also mess with wax decoration possibilities for one of my practice rings.  Casting the rings will be one of the follow up steps.  I hear that is a barrel of laughs……..

 I am also including some pics of the tiny scroll thing that took ALL DAY LONG to do yesterday…..