I have had a couple of frustrating days.  My personal ring project is going badly.  I had one ring that I thought was going to be a size 11.5 and it turned out to be a 9.75 instead.  So I took a bigger piece which I thought would be sufficient and it turned out to be a SIZE 16!!!!  I guess that will be a ring for a sausage-fingered individual.  I then attempted a third ring, which turned out to be a size 10 and I tried to size it up and the joint busted.  I resolderd the joint and tried again.  It busted.  Again.  I resoldered a third time.  I start hammering on the mandril and the stupid joint busts open.  AGAIN!!!!  All in all, I soldered that (expletive-deleted) joint SIX times today.  I was getting really angry by the time the day was done.  Missy suggested that I cut off about a millimeter on either side of the joint area and then take a piece of sterling and solder that in.  I will try that tomorrow.

On a more pleasant note, I filmed Bill doing a steam casting demo and I uploaded it to my auralentaura youtube account (that was a headache in its own right).  This is the first video I have put up in regards to my schooling.  I intend to do more of that as time goes by.  Here’s a link to that:


And, on a personal note, I turn 36 tomorrow.  I am not skipping out of school or anything like that.  I’m not really sure what I am gonna do……

Now, as it is 4 hours past the time I am supposed to go home, I am going to upload this post and get the heck out of dodge…..