The fine print is that they are only 2.5 points a piece and they cost me a whopping 15 dollars for the whole shebang.  But this is the first group of diamonds that I have ever purchased, so, YAY for ME…….

I decided to leave my “masterpiece” alone and work on beauty cuts today.  I was rather frustrated with the several attempts I made, but that is how I felt last week about the things I had just started practicing,  so I feel that practice is the cure for most of what is ‘ill’ing’ me right now.  A beauty cut is where you start small and then change the angle of the cut and THEN change the angle back.  It’s actually more difficult to pull off than you might think.  Doubley so if you are trying to do a curve at the same time.  I had several moments where I guinuinely wanted to use the gravers at hand as shuriken. 

I also discovered that a second graver is geometrically-challenged.  I don’t even wanna know how long it is going to take to correct those two fubars.  I imagine I will find out next week sometime.  Bill showed us some stuff that he had cast at some point in the past and I found a celtic 4 part design that I like and I might try engraving that the next time I need a break from the exercises.