Yesterday, I had some weird car trouble which effectively took over my day.  A spring in the linkage between my gas pedal and the engine began randomly sticking.  As we were trouble-shooting, we also discovered that a mouse had (for some reason I cannot fathom) decided to make a home out of MY AIR-FILTER!!!!   So it goes….it seems like it is just one thing after another that is trying to wear me down here, but that makes me feel like I must be on the right track…..

Today has been quite a bit better….I spent the first couple of hours working on a bezel rocker, which basically is just heating up a nail and beating it into the desired shape with a hammer on an anvil.  I really am enjoying this stuff, although I was a little nervous trying to light the torch.  I am getting the hang of it and I am very thankful that Bill and Missy and Glenn have been SO patient and understanding with me…..

Bill also let me observe while he made a tool for stirring molten metal out of titanium.  He then anodized it, which was pretty neat to watch.  After that he made a handle out of wood on the lathe, so I got to observe that process as well