LOTS of practice, as it turns out…..Missy gave me some pointers which tipped the scale towards progress in the correct direction.  I did a dress rehersal late in the afternoon on a piece of scrap, which is illustrated in the pictures.  The project calls for a v-groove and a half-moon groove separated by 3 miters.  It took me about 3 hours to complete all 5 embellishments.  I am having a little trouble with my filing technique.  The grooves have a tendency to be curved slightly when they need to be straight, but I am working on that.  My hands are definitely tired today, but its a good tired.  Tomorrow I will do it ALL over again, except it will be on the piece that is the project, not some scrap metal…..

I am including some pics that Glen took of me to give everyone a little better idea of the immediate environment….