I am elbow-deep in the first project, “affectionately” known at Howard Academy as “The Tool From Hell”….I have begun practicing a series of grooves and saw cuts that are the finishing touches (minus the final polishing) to the piece.  I have had trouble getting them to match up all the way around.  The pictures are several stages of my progression and practice cuts.  Bill, Glen and Missy have been very patient and encouraging with advice and help.  Apparently, I am not naturally inclined towards this particular combination of filing and sawing (for hours and hours and hours and, well, you get the idea….).  However, they assure me that I am on the right track.  I just have to get in there and keep at it.  I have a fair amount of patience but it has been tried a bit so far, but that is OK…..

The Pics on top and bottom are my practice piece compared to the completed piece by Glen, to show you what my goal is….